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- Our Story -

Historic Samue Walker building housing both Rome Jewelers and Venice Wine Co.
It all began in 2020 with a family and a love of wine and jewelry.


“Beautiful setting for picking up wines you need or to do a tasting. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful. Can't wait to try one of their special events. Glad I found this gem!"

- Ann Coghlin

“Though it is some what small, I love this place. The owner is friendly and very quick to help. Plus if there is something you're looking for the own may be able it get it, just talk to her. You can feel the history with in the building itself."

- Catherine Shepard

"The gem. It's friendly owner makes everyone comfortable, no matter what type of wine drinker. Great service. Great selection. Great price. "

- Marian Miller

"Walked in to South Street Cellar an awful wreck. It had been a long trying day. Walked out in a short time with the perfect wine. The owner is very knowledgeable. While she didn't have the specific bottle I was looking for she made several suggestions that were comparable. Very happy with my purchase."

- Victoria Calo

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